Visions and Pathways is proud to announce Dennis C. Miller as our keynote speaker for the 5th Annual Spark! Gala.

Dennis C. Miller Founder & President Experts in Nonprofit Leadership Search Board & Leadership Institute

Dennis is an author, motivational speaker, leadership coach and highly respected CEO.

His professional credentials are impressive. What most people don’t know about Dennis is that his childhood was defined by emotional and physical abuse, difficulty in school, and mental health issues that eventually landed him in a psychiatric hospital. You’ll hear in his own words the struggles with hopelessness, being homeless and self-medicating.

A program similar to Visions and Pathways saved his life. He has achieved so much – in no small part because of the help he received. Now he helps organizations like Visions and Pathways.

Using a family-centered approach, Visions and Pathways provides youth with supportive services, housing and a stable environment to guide them in becoming self-sufficient. Through outreach programs, we are at the forefront of efforts to prevent drug misuse and help human trafficking victims. Dennis’ experiences mirror those of the youth we encounter every day. Visions and Pathway’s needs your support to help our youth thrive and become drug-free, independent and strong adults.